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Seasons Greetings

Wishing our clients, research participants and suppliers a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2018

CMR at Diabetes Professional Care 2017

This year, CMR will be having a stand at the Diabetes Professional Care conference at Olympia on the 15th and 16th November 2017. Despite being experts in the field, this event is a great opportunity for us to continue to develop on our...

What to look for in a medical market research agency

Every year, medical device manufacturers spend huge sums on product development. Successful decisions about how that product will look, how it will work, labelling, packaging and price don't happen in a vacuum but are based on hard...

Type 1 Diabetic Luci Talbot Clarke (centre, right), with her team at Creative Medical Research.

My Diabetes story part 5: support

With nearly two decades’ experience of delivering Diabetes market research, CMR has a deep understanding of diabetes management. And that’s good news for Type 1 Diabetic and CMR employee, Luci Talbot Clarke.

CMR – in a nutshell

New to Creative Medical Research? Download this PDF to learn a little about our approach, our clients and the kinds of projects we can help you with.

Lucozade with its high sugar content can be a lifesaver for diabetics, as CMR's Luci Talbot Clarke describes in her blog.

My Diabetes story part 3: how I manage hypos

Hypoglycemia - or a "hypo" - happens when there's an abnormally low level of glucose in the blood. CMR's Luci Talbot Clarke (who had her first hypo at the tender age of 10) describes what it's like.

Close-up of CMR Operations Manager Luci Talbot Clarke with her diabetes management device

My Diabetes story part 2: from DAFNE to devices

From a blood testing meter big enough to fit in a rucksack to tiny continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems: T1 Diabetic Luci Talbot Clarke shares her experience of how Diabetes management has changed over the years.

Four reasons to engage in usability testing

Usability testing in a market research context can reveal deep insights into user experience and positively influence device design. CMR's Alper Hulusi considers the key benefits of usability testing for medical device manufacturers.

Why take part in market research?

Market research offers exciting opportunities for participants willing to share their experiences. We take a look at just some of the compelling reasons to engage in market research - and how to get involved.

The CMR participant panel is open for patients and participants to join. Sign up for paid market research opportunities with CMR.

The CMR Panel is open – join in!

Do you have a life-changing medical condition or experience of prescribing medical devices? Then you could be eligible for paid market research opportunities via the CMR Participant Panel. Have your say and be rewarded for your time.

Clued up: towards a holistic view of patient care

With smart technology, patients have more information at their fingertips than ever. So how can manufacturers tap into the new generation of clued up patients and use their experiences to create better devices and treatments?

diabetes is a key therapy area for Creative Medical Research

Diabetes, devices and market research

Market research provides patients with an opportunity to share experiences and provides manufacturers with actionable insights that improve patients' lives. We take a look at a diabetes focus group this National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Video: Medical Research in Healthcare

Medical device manufacturers recognise that patient input is key to creating better products and treatments. This Sky documentary featuring CMR explains how well-designed market research can turn the patient voice into tangible action...

CMR to feature in new healthcare documentary

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with B2B broadcaster, Executive TV, to produce a new documentary on patient-centricity in healthcare. The 30-minute broadcast will air on Sunday 30th October at 10:30am on Sky digital...

What is ethnographic research?

Ethnography is a research method that can help us gain deep insights into the context of users' daily lives. In a new video, CMR Research Director Alper Hulusi discusses its value to medical device manufacturers.

Tips For Utilising MaxDiff in Market Research

MaxDiff can help market researchers generate robust insights where a plethora of outputs are up for grabs. In part two of her blog, CMR Research Manager Sarah Mackinnon shares her top tips to help you maximize MaxDiff in your own study.

Why choose MaxDiff?

Maximum Difference Scaling - aka MaxDiff - is a form of statistical analysis that can help market researchers ascertain which insights will deliver the greatest return on investment. In the first of a two-part blog, CMR Research Manager,...

Using Qual to get better value from pricing research

Pricing research is a critical step in the product lifecycle. CMR’s CEO, George Ashford looks at the role that qualitative research can play in its delivery. Pricing research is a numbers game. So what role can qualitative research...

Toying with gamification

Research Manager, Sarah MacKinnon provides an overview of gamification, one of the key innovations in market research at the moment. Coined in 2002, the phrase “gamification” is a buzzword in the market research industry. But what...

Does Doctor really know best?

If you want to know what patients think, don’t just ask healthcare professionals. CMR’s CEO, George Ashford highlights the benefit of gauging the patient’s view and the dangers of ignoring it.

The Sunshine Act

What is it and what does it mean for market research? Market research is subject to increasing rules around privacy, consent and participant compensation. Research Project Manager, Hayley Eades looks at the implication of the Sunshine...

Should we trust the wisdom of the crowds?

As market researchers we find it counter-intuitive to believe that a large group of random individuals may collectively give us more accurate responses than a handful of experts. But that’s exactly what the wisdom of crowds theory tells...

Innovations in anaesthesia

With Anaesthesia being one of CMR’s strongest areas, Research Manager Sarah MacKinnon conducted a survey with 100+ European anaesthesiologists to gain their views on the future landscape of technology within anaesthesiology.


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