Therapy and Device Specialisms

  • Therapy Areas

    Focusing on diabetes, immunology, pulmonology and anaesthesiology, as well as cardiovascular, dermatology, neurology and haematology: CMR's experts tailor the methodologies they use to deliver tangible ROI on your medical device research needs.

  • Device Areas

    CMR's market research covers the spectrum of medical device areas. While we specialize in hand held and consumable devices, we've also worked with a full range of devices. We have proven expertise in infusion, vascular access, diagnostics and monitoring, surgical consumables and more.


  • Product development

    From refining your vision with rigorous concept testing, right through to helping you to put your ideas into action.

  • Price

    Helping you to deliver the right product, at the right price and to the right people, all in the context of the competitive landscape.

  • Marketing communications

    Assisting you in assessing market potential, developing and testing messages and gaining better insight into your target audience.

  • human factors

    Aside from recruiting your Human Factors participants, we can manage all aspects of fieldwork for you.