Welcome to the CMR Panel Q&A

Have you been diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition or do you care for a friend or family member with long term medical needs? Are you a healthcare professional that prescribes the use of medical devices? Then you could be eligible for paid market research opportunities. This webpage explains all you need to know about joining the CMR participant Panel.

What is the CMR Panel?

The CMR Panel is a database of patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs). We created the Panel to bring together people with real-life experience of administering or using specific medical devices. Ready to register? Let’s go!

Who runs the CMR Panel?

The CMR Panel is run by Creative Medical Recruit, headed up by Hayley Algar. Click on the link to learn a bit more about Hayley.

Who can join the CMR Panel?

If you fall into one (or more) of the following categories, then we would love to hear from you:

  • Healthcare professionals with experience of prescribing medical devices
  • Patients with a long term medical condition and with experience of using medical devices (although this is not essential)
  • Caregivers to family and friends with long term medical conditions

Where do you carry out your studies?

We are currently recruiting for studies in the UK and in USA. The CMR Panel is set up to identify suitable participants in these countries. Our screening process will ensure that you are only offered opportunities in a location near to you.

Why should I join the CMR Panel?

As a HCP or patient, you know exactly what it’s like to manage specific medical conditions. Our clients are willing to pay to find out what you think about the devices they sell or plan to bring to market. By joining, you can enjoy sharing your experiences with others, influence future medical devices, and of course, be paid for your time.

OK, I'm ready. How do I get started?

To get started, firstly register your details with us. Once registered, we will ask you to activate your account. You will then be able to login, update your details at any time and keep track of any incentives earned by working with us.

Do I have to participate once you've found a suitable study?

Not at all. We understand that participants lead busy lifestyles and there is no obligation to take part. Having said that, we work hard to match you to the most suitable opportunities so we hope that you will join us. This  Live CMR Focus Group indicates the kind of relaxed and enjoyable studies that we run.

What kinds of projects could I be involved in?

Each project is different, so you could get involved in a focus group at a central location, in a one-to-one interview, or in an online survey to name just a few. Simply register with us and we’ll be in touch as soon as suitable opportunities arise.

Is my data safe with the CMR Panel?

At CMR, our focus is understanding how you use medical devices in your daily life. We do not carry out drug trials, nor will we ask you to self-administer any medication. We adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and all your data is confidential under the Data Protection Act. We will never reveal your details to anyone else and it will be kept safe within CMR.

Will I get paid as a CMR Panel member?

Of course. Once you have successfully completed your session, we’ll update your online account with credits which can be exchanged via PayPal or Amazon vouchers. The actual amount we pay varies from study to study – we’ll confirm this before you take part.

As a member of our Panel, you go away not only rewarded financially but with the knowledge that your expertise is being transferred into real action points that could influence better treatments and products.
Hayley Algar - Director of Participant Recruitment

How do I register?

Ready to get started? Simply visit our registration page to create your CMR Panel account and unique login.

My registration details won't work. What's going on?

Try using a different browser. The CMR Panel platform is best viewed using Firefox or Chrome. If you continue to experience any difficulties, or have any questions regarding the Panel, please get in touch with panel.support@creativemedicalresearch.com.